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 Immune Pro Bovine Colostrum (90 Tablets)


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Immune Pro is made from a special milky fluid that comes from new mothers after the first few days of giving birth - before true milk appears. It is a potent source of super nutrition that contains everything required to aid in healthy gastrointestinal development. Important proteins called immunoglobulins are found in high levels that actively boost our immune system against pathogenic stressors. Antibody levels contained within colostrum be be up to 100 times more concentrated than in regular cows milk - thus making colostrum truly a super food!

Directions for use: 
Adults: Take 2 tablets 2-3 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. 
Children:  Take 2 tablets 2 times daily. 
Bovine colostrum powder 225mg 
Equiv IgG 45mg 
Standard Indications: 
Aids, assists or helps in the maintenance of general well-being 
Specific Indications: 
  • Colostrum is a unique substance made by new mothers within the initial few days following birth. Nature supplies this potent source of nutrition in order to kickstart the immune system of new born animals, as it contains high levels of immune globulins specifically designed to promote healthy gastrointestinal development and immune function. 
  • Immunoglobulins found within our unique strain of bovine colostrums have been shown to actively support healthy immune function. 
  • Promotes the correct balance of flora within the bowel, assisting with maintaining a healthy digestive system. Rememeber, over 80% of the immune system is found within the gut - Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT). 
What makes our Colostrum special?


The high heat drying and pasteurization processes used by many current manufacturers of colostrum formulations often denature the highly sensitive IgG proteins and PRPs - resulting in a product with minimal bio-availability.

We use only low-heat flash point technology to pasteurize our colostrums, as well as low-heat indirect drying to ensure we maintain high efficacy and bioactivity within our colostrum product. Using flash-point technology (161 Fahrenheit or 72 degrees celcius for 15 seconds), all potentially dangerous pathogens are destroyed, whilst immunoglobulins and other bioactive proteins are spared.

Don't make the mistake of purchasing low quality colostrum!...

 Colostrum has been shown to;

  Decrease inflammation within the body.

  Assist with arthritis, Chrohn's disease and gut inflammation.

  Improve immune response, resistance against pathogens and reduce infections.

 Deliver a rich supply of antioxidants and immune growth factors - ideal for restoring gut function.

 Improve sporting performance and recovery - assist with burning fat and building muscle.

Is Colostrum for me?

Colostrum is a food first and foremost - which means that it can benefit virtually everyone with little concern for side effects. Bovine colostrum contains many beneficial compounds, with the most useful for us being immunoglobulins, Proline-Rich Polypeptides, Lactoferin, Cytokines and vitamins.1

Additionally, this "early milk" contains oligosaccharides, anti microbial compounds, growth factors and immune-regulating components which are either not found in regular milk or present but in much lower concentrations.2 Bovine also contains high levels of insulin-like growth factors, primarily IGF-1. Although IGF-1 may be useful for strength and growth gains, being more anabolic keeps the body strong when dealing with wasting conditions.

Colostrum & Sport Performance 
Colostrum is well known within the athletic community as a way to increase one's lean body mass whilst not increasing body fat at the same time! It has also been shown to accelerate the healing of sporting injuries and time required for recovery between sessions. It is interesting to note that after prolonged vigorous exercise the athelite becomes more susceptable to colds and flus - but colostrum has been shown to boost the immune function thus helping keep the athelite well and free of illness. 
Well known to elite athelites and bodybuilders alike, IGF-1 is a powerfully anabolic compound found within us all, and when elevated above normal levels - can signifigantly improve sporting performance. Buckley JD, Brinkworth GD, Abbott MJ. Effect of bovine colostrum on anaerobic exercise performance and plasma insulin-like growth factor I. J Sports Sci. 2003 Jul; 21(7): 577-88. 
Colostrum & Autoimmune ConditionsAutoimmune Condition - Osteoarthritis...
Autoimmune diseases are the result of an overactive immune system that begins to manufacture antibodies to certain proteins within the body. Found only in colostrum, a substance called PRP has the ability to down-regulate an over active immune system back down to normal levels. 
As colostrum contains signifigant anti inflammatory coumpounds, disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease often respond positively to colostrum supplementation. 
The compound PRP exercises its therapeutic qualities in treating autoimmune conditions via its immunomodulatory effects and is thought to stimulate the creation of certain suppresor cells that inhibit the progression of these auto immune conditions.  
Heart Health... 
Colostrum & Heart Health
It is becoming increasingly clear that certain dairy foods, (primarily colostrum) is an excellent heart food - particularly those with high blood pressure. 

IGF-1 and insulin, both of which are in colostrum, help to relax coronary arteries - therefore decresing overall blood pressure. 

Colostrum & Diabetes

Recent Study...

"Let food be your medicine, & medicine be your food."




 Increased muscle mass
 Decreased adipose tissue
 Boost in immune function
 Improved athletic ability
 Decreased inflamation

63. Hofman Z, Smeets R, Verlaan G, Lugt R,
Verstappen PA. The effect of bovine
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performance in elite field hockey players.
Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2002 Dec;
12(4): 461-9.

Diabetes (type 1), is an autoimmune condition that affects a signifigant amount of the population. It has been found that IGF-1 stimulates glucose transport into skeletal tissue, as well as protecting beta-cells from auto-immune type damage. Read More...

Scientific studies below;

  New Studies Continue to Reveal the Health Benefits of Colostrum

  Colostrum - A Physician's Reference Guide (Andrew M Keech PhD)

 Colostrum Can be Used by Everyone for Increased
Energy, Better Health & Longevity. If your Health
or Sports Performance can use a Boost - Then
Colostrum may be the Answer!...

1. Kelly, G. Bovine Colostrum: A Review of Clinical Uses. Alternative Medicine Review. 2003: Volume 8, Number 4. 378-394.

2. Gopal PK, Gill HS. Oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates in bovine milk and colostrum. Br J Nutr. 2000; 84: S69-S74.

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