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 Slow Juicer Single Screw - Latest Hurom Design

Price: $290.00

The slow juicer SJ-130 juicer employs the latest technology and allows for a maximum amount of juice to be extracted from the smallest amount of raw material. This revolutionary design takes raw juicing to a whole new level, and allows the entire family to produce healthy and nutritious living juice.




Slow Juicer Single Screw - traditional Design

Price: $230.00

The slow juicer TKO- Z11 is built to last, and will be sure to outlast most electrical appiances within the kitchen. Based upon a tried and proven design, this unit is built from the highest quality poly carbonate, and has the highest impact rating of any plastic. This juicer also is equipped with a "unique" overturn function, which allows cleaning without pulling apart.

Built to last, we gaurantee you will be consuming living juice for many years into the future!


Manual Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer Ag-30

Price: $147.00

This manual Ag-30 wheatgrass juicer is the perfect companion for both travelling and at home. Very little juice remains within the wheatgrass when using this unit, and if desired, fruit and vegetables can be juiced also. This is an affordable model that allows most people to juice for themsleves. 



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