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  LED therapy is quickly becoming recognized as the safest & most effective acne treatment on the market. If you suffer from acne that just won't go away - LED light therapy is for you... 

  This video is more geared towards
those suffering from acne - hence
the focus on primarily the blue
light spectrum.

This video provides the viewer
a review of the acetino Pro
LED light device, and gives
instructions how to use.


How does LED Light Therapy Work?

How LED Light Therapy Works...LED visible light therapy is a non-invasive procedure that allows you to use non-thermal, low-level light energy to activate the natural processes of the skin. It converts the energy from the light into energy within your skin cells, which can then be used for healing, reducing inflammation, and minimizing scarring. 

Once the LED light is absorbed via the skin, the body's natural healing energies begin to decrease inflammation, increases healing, and for acne sufferers - drastically reducing the amount of the acne causing propionbacterium bacterium.

Will LED Therapy Work For Me?

LED light therapy has been used for decades by NASA for many different applications, and the reason for this is because it works, and works well. Only recently has LED light technology become available on a comercial basis, & can now be found in the convenience of a hand held device.

Why Do I Need 3 Different Lights?

Each different LED light emmits a wavelength of a varying frequency. For example, if your goal is to reduce the level of acne on areas of your body, then a blue light with a wavelength between 414 - 660nm is required - as this is the frequency that most efficiently kills acne causing bacteria. On the other hand, if you prefer to increase your collagen production and repair damaged skin - a red wavelength with a different frequency is required.

Light therapy has been used in professional skin care clinics and dermatological clinics all throughout Europe for a good part of the last decade, but only now has this technology been made available to the public.

Below outlines the specific uses of each type of LED light


Red LED Light...


Blue LED Light... 


Green LED Light... 

Alternating red (633 nm) and blue LED light (415 nm) in a series of eight sessions shows promising results in the treatment of mild to severe acne, according to Tony Chu, M.D., consultant dermatologist, substituting presenter for Bruce Russell, M.D. “Dr. Russell showed that LED red-blue therapy gave significantly better results than blue light, oral antibiotics, and topical therapy,” Dr. Chu said. “Results with the LED included 81% reduction in lesion count at 12 weeks and marked reduction in pore size, with no damage to the sebaceous gland.” Dr. Chu is head of dermatology at Hammersmith Hospital in London.

 The LED blue light has a wavelengh of 415nm, and is ideal for the treatment of acne and is safe for all skin types. Blue light therapy is free from ultra violet radiation, with the FDA approving this technology in August of 2002. The blue light has a peak wavelength of 415nm, and has proven itself especially effective in killing propionbacterium - the main bacteria resonsible for acne. 

Research that was performed by the British Association of Dermatology in July 2002 found blue light therapy improves mild to moderate cases of acne when the spectrum falls between the frequency of 415nm - 660nm.

Green light is the natural solution for hyper - pigmentation and age spots. It is the ultimate, non chemical approach to reduce the appearance of aging skin. When used consistently, it gives the feel and appearance of a softer, more luminous complexion. With a wavelength approximating 525nm, the properties of the green LED benefit those seeking to reduce hyper - pigmentation and sun damage. It also helps remove freckles and age spots, as well as promoting an overallclarity and radience in the skin.


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